Dogz Aloud are a friendly and highly experienced team, 100% committed to making training fun and effective for you AND your dog. The came to us for help as, while they liked the existing design, they found it difficult to get changes made to the content.
  • Existing site converted to PG54's Content Management System
  • New "Square Thumbnails"
  • Novel footer banners

We took the client's existing site design and content, and reproduced it using our in-house Content Management System, CMSv4, turning a site that was tricky to edit and maintain, into one that's a simple as 1, 2, 3.

We also created new "square thumbnail" logic making the production of square thumbnails, for the photo galley, totally automatic.

As the site was an existing site, with it's related Search Engine Results and other inbound links, we applied our "Legacy URL" management processes to maintain those important page rankings.

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